Captain Kitty Hawk at Comic Gong


Howdy Doody Folks, well after a long long haul, interrupted by a hit on the head with a Black and White Taxi, my first installment of The Captain was finished exactly two years after the proposed deadline but hey, it’s here now so I hope you enjoy it. I will be at Comic Gong held […]



So last week I posted the first five of my top comic book dog picks.. Sorry, no DC or Marvel dogs here though all the dogs on this list are natural Marvels. So starting with  numero 6. Black Bob “The Dandy Wonder Dog” from The Dandy Book. -> An obsessive get the job done kinda […]

Footrot Flats -Theme song.

Since I posted my top five comic book dogs the theme song Slice Of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn And Herbs from the movie of the comic strips “Footrot Flats” has been stuck in my head. Most New Zealanders think of this NZ classic from the 80’s as  New Zealands second national anthem.



If you enjoy the antics of your dog, then like me you will enjoy these five eccentric, fantastical, hilariously delightful renditions of mans best friend. In order of my personal preference. 1. SNOOPY,  from the Charles M. Schulz  comic Peanuts. A complex and eccentric puppy with alter egos from flying ace to published writer. Impersonator […]

Golden Globes: Steven Spielberg says ‘Tintin’ is an animated ‘buddy movie’

TinTin Poster

Its no surprise to me, no surprise at all. Sir Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin has won the best animated film award at the Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles. Directed by Spielberg and produced by Sir Peter and his digital effects company Weta Digital  in New Zealand.  The movie the first of a […]

The Adventures of Tin Tin


Some kid was giggling. From my seat I could see him I wanted to tell him to “Shut up don’t you know this is serious” but then – it erupted all around me, Captain Haddock from the safety of the doorway issued instructions to the hapless Tin Tin as he balanced of a sharks tail […]

Tin Tin Museum – Musee Hergé

Herge Museum

It was a wet Sunday, I turned south and drove towards Louvain-la-Neuve and the museum, Musee Hergé designed as a focal point for one of the best loved creators of the twentieth century. It’s a long way. I can’t imagine why the museum is located way out here. What were they thinking I keep thinking, […]

Judex Jones Horror Film Sampler


There’s something about being horrified that’s deeply addictive. Extreme sports, extreme relationships, betting on horses, playing the stock market or watching horror movies we do like to be scared. We are happy to be terrifyingly unhappy we like to get the adrenalin pumping. We were hard wired for it, I think, when we were wild, […]

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