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Borderlands Pakistan 2016

Borderlands Pakistan 2016

Hello There, I am a collector.

I collect experiences and degrees.  So far I have managed to collect degrees in science, art, education and professional writing. I have around five or maybe it’s seven now, I’ve forgotten!

I have collected lots and I mean lots of experience working as a deck-hand on trawlers, a short order cook in road houses in Far North Queensland, cleaner of banks, curator of art in the Philippines, teacher in maximum security prisons, goat farmer, script reader and most recently digital artist in film production.

I have worked with such companies as Cutting Edge and Animal Logic as Digital Artist and Look developer, with Director George Millar in story development and I have ghost written scripts for a Director and Producer of film and television.

In a past life I embraced the hippy lifestyle, built my own house of recycled stuff and grew organic veggies until I discovered that I was allergic to just about everything organic on the planet and decided to move to Sydney where I could enjoy the sweet allergy free, tar and cement of the city.

For many years past I worked as a teacher but these days  due to a TBI injury caused by accident as a pedestrian I find myself looking for new ways to support myself. Reading was once my safety fall back but  the brain injury has taken the joy and replaced it with headaches.  Inspite of that I am working on a number of comic book reading projects to assist literacy levels amongst Aboriginal children.

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

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