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Judex Jones is a repository for musings and information on the art of French language pictorial narrative.

Here on this site you will find links to important 9th Art collections and news and slowly but surely pages of her own graphic novels.

But who is she you ask? Well, Judex Jones is a writer and artist who has worked on films such as Happy Feet. But before becoming a digital artist, she taught Aboriginal art, literacy and video making in a maximum security prison.

She used graphic novels, film and comics while working with her students and in her spare time wrote and developed characters and stories that were to be the basis of her own graphic novels.

She also has a BA in Visual Art from Sydney University, a Post Graduate in Computer Design [Animation] and a Masters in Creative Writing from UTS.

She also ran and created artist run galleries in Sydney as well as exhibiting her own work in Australia and other countries such as the USA and the Philippines. Before that, she had a stint painting animal portraits and forging the masters, her favourite being Botticelli.
She has a keen interest in pictorial narrative, comics, graphic novels and film. She also is mad about flying and acquired her private pilots licence whilst a teacher in a jail. Her students expressed a desire for her to get a helicopter rating and they would pay for it but she declined.

She is a member of Metro Screen Sydney, UTS Journalism Society and a University of Technology and Sydney University Alumni.

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