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WTF happens in the bathroom, Nigel?

And tonight I had to ask, WTF  happens in the bathroom, Nigel? Everything in there is drenched. All the toilet paper is wet, if I leave clothes, towels hairdriers there when I come back to get them they are wet. Not damp Nigel  WET.  Sit on the dunny and you get rained on. I cleaned […]

So can I borrow 20 bucks?


Diamonds in the Dark

Diamonds in the Dark

Ruddhide, the cowboy version.

I was incentified by Rudd’s gifts of dollars to create this token of my esteem. “Doesn’t matter who you vote for you always get a politician.” I can’t remember where that quote is from but if you can please drop me a line.

Comic Book Shops, Rue Dante, Paris.

Home to many comic shops

Well, l was somewhere on a corner of Boulevard St Michel and lost, I was heading for Rue Dante a comic book precinct in the Latin quarter of Paris. I couldn’t find it. I was only a block away, apparently, when I caught sight of a scruffy little shop, down Serpente called Aaapoum Bapoum. Foot […]

The Adventures Of John Difool. A brief rundown.


One of my favourite comic book series is Une aventure de John Difool. This is the source that director Luc Besson borrowed heavily from to make one of my also favourite (coincidently) movies The Fifth Element. One of the creators of John Difool and the L’Incal series was Jodorowsky, a great visual director took the […]

Free comic book day, Kinokuniya, Sydney Australia.

Nice legs

I’m early, I think but I’m passing erstwhile young men with plastic bags hurrying from Kings comics chattering away comparing their coveted preferences in hand as they head to the next venue, Comic Kingdom. They were earlier. I hope the queue isn’t going to be to long. They’ll be disappointed, Comic Kingdom is disorganized and […]